DeskTop Review (DTR) Low Impact Vehicle Accident. Program Explanation

The purpose of this program is to allow the client to have an independent document review and evaluation of a Low Impact auto accident. Email all photographs, documents, estimates, police reports, etc., to Typically the vehicles are not available or have been repaired and the supporting documentation is very limited. In these instances, the question often asked is: “Is there sufficient evidence to settle this claim?”, “Is the damage to the vehicle or vehicles consistent with the collision as described?”, or “What are the probabilities for the alleged injuries from this accident?” Garrett Forensics agrees to perform this analysis for $495.00 per case. Garrett will support its findings in a court of law. Travel, preparation for, and sworn testimony will be done at an additional fee as set forth in our prevailing, published rates. Garrett’s accident reconstructionists will perform a review of the documents and photographs you supply without having to visit the accident scene, inspect vehicles, or converse with participants — thus the term “Desk Top Review.” Within this Low Impact program, our expert will analyze your case and render an opinion based on the documentation, photographs and evidence provided by you. The analysis is then compared with peer reviewed statistical data to determine if in fact the claim has merit. A brief written report may, at your request, be prepared which will address the assigned issue, conclusion and list supporting documentation. The DTR should in no way be considered a substitute for a full accident reconstruction investigation and it is not intended to address the causes of specific injuries which require biomechanical analysis. It is not appropriate for vehicle component failures or vehicle fire investigations. It is not appropriate for cases involving fatalities or major injuries. Neither is it appropriate for right-of way or who-ran-the-red-light disputes. If the involved vehicles have not been repaired, it is always best that they be inspected, which is outside the scope of this program. The accident reconstructionist will provide a brief written report (upon request) of their opinions. Total review, analysis and report time is limited to two (2) hours. If the case appears that it will exceed the two (2) hour limit, the client will be contacted and have the option to extend the hours necessary for completion of the assignment or to cancel the case. Under this agreement, Garrett Forensics reserves the right to reject any case, which is too complex for a DTR. Should this occur, we will ask that the case be handled in accordance with our regular procedures — i.e., hourly rates, travel, and expenses. Any time after Garrett’s submission of the report, the client or the client’s attorney may request further case analysis from Garrett Forensics. Casework may include inspecting vehicles, visiting the scene, evaluating traffic patterns and markings, reviewing medical records, etc. The original report preparer may or may not be involved in the second phase upon Garrett’s recommendation and the client’s concurrence. Additional help of experts in other fields may be required, i.e., automotive, traffic or biomechanical engineers and will be charged at Garrett’s standard published hourly rates. The client will send Garrett Forensics a completed DTR Form with specific assignments for each case and related documentation and photographs. Pertinent data includes statements, police reports, repair estimates and original photographs. Please send transcriptions of tapes, not the tapes themselves. Faxed photos and some low-density digital images are unusable as they lack clarity, contrast and definition.