Property Loss

Our experts will conduct in-depth research and on-site investigations against losses when property is damaged or destroyed. Water intrusion, wind damage, failed water supply lines, tree root damage, foundation damage to interior/exterior cracking; these items and more can be investigated to determine the cause of the loss.

Construction Defect

Our experts can identify construction defect issues that have led to property claims from an improper concrete pour on the slab, failure to install moisture barriers, drainage systems, improper wiring, etc.

Cracking Stucco and Drywall

Our experts will determine the cause of the damage by evaluating if soil settlement, earthquake movement, improper drainage or possibly a long-term plumbing water leak caused the loss.


When evaluating property damage, our experts will determine if it was the result of a seismic event or was it settlement.

Fire Investigations

Garrett Engineers can analyze fire incidents for industrial and commercial buildings, as well as single dwelling or multi-tenant residential structures.

Flooring Issues

Our experts can diagnose many flooring issues and the cause of the damage can be revealed, such as tenting or cracking of the tile floor.

Foundation cracking

When cracks appear in the slab or the supports on the raised foundation and are moving out of position, our experts can determine what is causing the damage and the approximate age of the damage.

Plumbing Issues

Our experts can determine if the plumbing issue/water leak was caused by failure as a result of improper installation, lack of proper maintenance, or wear-and-tear issues.  Was water hammer or irregular water pressure a factor or were chemicals stored in close proximity to the pipes/hoses that resulted in their failure?

Roofing Failure

When evaluating roofing failures, our experts work to determine if the major contributor was improper construction or attachment of the roof, or overload of the roof with heavy shingles that the roof was not designed to support. In areas prone to a snow overload or wind damage, our experts will examine how these weather events contributed to the failure.

Tree and Root Damage

Our experts can determine if the damage seen was the result of tree roots by answering the questions; what kind of tree was involved and how does its root system expand?  Have the roots damaged the concrete slab of the foundation or garage floor, and has it caused a premise liability exposure by uplifting the sidewalk?

Water Intrusion

When examining water intrusions, our experts will pinpoint the origin of the damage by determining if it was the result of a plumbing failure, improper drainage, an irrigation problem, or a weather event.  Let our experts help you determine the origin so a remedy can be developed.

Wind and Weather Damage

Determining damage that’s caused by wind or weather, our experts evaluate if the structure met building codes for resistance to high winds or if the damage seen due to improper construction.

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