Personal Injury

When investigating personal injury cases, Garrett’s experts conduct in-depth investigations to determine the how, why, when and where an injury occurred. From auto accidents to workplace injuries and everywhere else, Garrett’s experts investigate and determine the issues surrounding personal injury.

Biomechanical Analysis

Often personal injury claims arise from such things as low-speed vehicle impacts or slips, trips and falls. These injury claims may or may not be attributable to the event itself. In order to determine whether a claimed injury occurred as a result of a specific incident, Garrett’s Biomechanical Experts identify, inspect, and analyze the mechanism(s) required to cause a traumatic injury and determine whether that/those mechanism(s) was/were present at the time of the event.

Construction Sites

Construction Site injuries and/or Damages are another area where Garrett’s experts can be most helpful. Construction Site accidents produce a wide variety of personal injuries and/or damages to property as a result of any number of reasons. Garrett’s experts conduct thorough site inspections and review all the pertinent information to ascertain the how, why, when, and where associated associated such injuries and/or damages occurring on or near a construction site.

Defective Equipment Injuries

Product liability investigations can be as broad and diverse as the products themselves, ranging from nail guns to heavy machinery to handrails. Garrett’s experts investigate, test, and provide professional assessments regarding such matters as the equipment itself, code compliance, maintenance, proper usage, as well as safety and reliability issues. Our experts can also help with the determination on potential subrogation issues.

Industrial Accidents

When evaluating why an Industrial Accident occurs, Garrett’s experts can be used to determine what sequence of events led up to the accident. They can also determine whether the equipment’s safety guards were in place, Whether safety instructions had been followed and/or Whether there was a design defect in the safety systems which may have been responsible for the accident.

Power Tool and Heavy Machinery

Our Power Tool and Heavy Machinery Experts are frequently called upon to determine safety and/or use issues relating to a power tool or heavy machine. Their investigations include consideration of equipment design, operation manuals and instructions, training issues, and the proper operation of the tool or heavy machine itself.

Slip, Trip and Fall

There are various factors that contribute to the risk of slip, trip and/or fall. Garrett’s Professional Engineers are knowledgeable in fall biomechanics, applicable building code requirements as well as human factors relating to such items as visual issues, lighting and methods for evaluating the coefficient of friction for walkway surfaces.

Vehicle Accident Injuries

Garrett’s Vehicle Accident Experts possess unparalleled experience, education and training in the fields of automotive and transportation forensics.  In addition to automobiles, our experts handle cases with Semi-Tractor/Trailers, Buses, Motorcycles, RVs’, Scooters and Bicycles.

Workman’s Compensation

Garrett’s experts are often asked to perform evaluations for use in Workman’s Compensation matters. Their evaluations help to determine which incident-related factors, if any, may have led to injuries and/or fatalities being claimed in the Workman’s Compensation system.