Mechanical Failure

We provide Mechanical Engineers for investigations of machinery defects and failures. Our experts investigate, test, and consult about the products, code compliance, and their safety and reliability. Their in-depth examinations are designed to help understand how the failure occurred, whether it was a defective part, or operator negligence that contributed to the breakdown. With wide-ranging expertise, we can assess your cases such as:


Our experts can determine why a product failed by investigating if it was an improper design, or improper use of the equipment. We will identify what part or component of the product caused the failure and why.

Automotive Mechanical Failures

Our experts evaluate claims of auto component failure related to brakes & braking systems, suspensions, tires, engine, transmission and other system components said to be the possible cause of an accident. By examining the component systems of a vehicle, our experts will determine if the cause of failure were known failures (such as recalls), long-term wear-and-tear or a single event.


Our experts can review documents and perform site inspections to determine what led to an injury on an elevator or escalator. They also can determine if proper service and maintenance had been performed, if the costs involved in the repair of the elevator or escalator were in-line with industry standards.

Machinery Safety & Component Failure

Our experts can determine the safety issues for the machinery in question by addressing equipment design, operation manual instructions, safety features, and the operation of the machinery to address safety concerns. They can determine the cause of the failure. Was it an improper design? Was the component being used and maintained properly?

Metallurgy Testing

Experts examine evidence of metal/plastic failure down to a microscopic level to determine the cause of the failure by examining metal and metal properties, processing and use revealing if long-term cracking/damage or single-event failure was the major contributor.

Safety and Code Compliance

Our experts can assist on code compliance and safety issues at a construction site to determine what procedures should have been followed to prevent accidents.