Forensic Accounting

Garrett Forensic’s Accountant is qualified as an expert witness in both federal and state court and in arbitration forums. provided commercial litigation advisory and support services, consulting or providing expert testimony in over 300 litigation matters. His work involves the calculation or determination of lost profits, lost earnings, out-of-pocket damages, and punitive damages.

Forensic Accounting for Litigation Support

Forensic accounting is utilized in litigation when quantification of damages is needed. Parties involved in legal disputes use the quantifications to assist in resolving disputes via settlements or court decisions. For example, this may arise due to compensation and benefit disputes. The forensic accountant may be utilized as an expert witness if the dispute escalates to a court decision.

Forensic Accounting in the Insurance Industry

Forensic accounting is routinely used by the insurance industry. In this capacity, a forensic accountant may be asked to quantify the economic damages arising from a vehicle accident, an insurance fraud case or some other claim.

Service Areas include:
• Business Valuation
• Commercial Damages
• Employment
• Environmental
• Fraud Investigation
• Health Care
• Insurance
• Personal Injury
• Punitive Damages
• Real Estate