When a fire or explosion occurs at a commercial or residential property, the determination of the cause and origin requires examinations to determine if the fire may have been a result of an accident, a deliberate act, mechanical failure, electrical failure, or a nature-related event.

Garrett Engineers can analyze fire incidents for industrial, commercial buildings, as well as single dwelling or multi-tenant residential structures. Our qualified staff of will examine fire scenes to determine the fire origin and probable causation by evaluating appliance and electrical component examinations, examination of fire protection systems, fire code and safety compliance and product failure and installation analysis.

Automotive Fires

Our fire experts will apply scientific evaluations to fires that occurred with automobiles and determine if the fire was related to an intentionally set fire, electrical or mechanical failure or as a result of an accident. All of our experts will provide an in-depth analysis rooted in established scientific principles.

Commercial Fires

Garrett Engineer’s fire consultants will investigate the origin and cause of losses in industrial and commercial locations. Our experts provide timely and accurate investigations following the guidelines of NFPA 921.

Residential Fires

Whether single dwelling or multi-tenant residential structures, Garrett Engineer’s fire experts will determine the cause and origin of fire loss and determine if subrogation potential may exist.