Event Data Recorder Download

When an air bag deploys, very useful information about that event may be stored in the Vehicle’s Event Data Recorder (EDR). Garrett’s experts, who have completed the authorized Bosch CDR Technician Course, utilize Bosch equipment to download the data from your insured’s or claimant’s vehicle. With this information, our Certified EDR analyst then interprets the EDR data, and uses this information, along with photographs, police reports, witness statement, repair estimates, etc., for accident reconstruction and to help determine what really happened.

Our Certified EDR Experts will collect and analyze the data that is found in most vehicles. This vital information can provide both pre-crash data and post-crash data, which may help answer many questions.  What speed was the vehicle going during the last few seconds before impact, were the brakes applied, what percentage of throttle was applied, were the occupants wearing seat belts, did the driver attempt any avoidance steering maneuvers?  Evidence regarding unwanted acceleration and struck while parked issues, as well as many other types of accidents can be resolved with the information stored in the Event Data Recorder (EDR).

Event Data Recorder Analysis

Data collected from an automotive Event Data Recorder (EDR) is one tool in understanding the sequence of events, component failures, crash dynamics and vehicle safety alerts before and after a crash. Our Certified EDR Analysts will examine data points that include speed, steering, braking, acceleration, seatbelt use, force of impact, time between events and whether airbags deployed among many other details about a triggering event.