Building & Construction Defects

We provide Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Engineers for investigations of construction defects and failures. Our experts will examine proper construction to Building & Safety Codes, as well as conducting Standards of the Industry research to assist in resolving conflicts.

Engineering: Our experts cover a vast number of the Engineering disciplines, including: Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Environmental.

Arson & Fire Investigations

Garrett Forensics’ Fire Investigators follow NFPA 921 guidelines which sets the bar for scientific-based investigation and analysis of fire and explosion incidents. When a fire or explosion occurs at a commercial or Industrial property, the determination of the cause and origin requires examinations to determine if the fire may have been a result of an accident, a deliberate act, mechanical failure, electrical failure, or a nature-related event.

Construction Defect

Our experts can identify construction defect issues that have led to property claims from an improper concrete pour on the slab, failure to install moisture barriers, drainage systems, improper wiring, etc. Our experts can also determine why a failure occurred.  Was it an improper grade of material used, improper construction, or improper design?

Corrosion Analysis

Our experts can determine if corrosion was an element that led to the damage and what chemical reactions led to the formation of the corrosion.


Our experts can review documents and perform site inspections to determine what led to an injury on an elevator or escalator.  They also can determine if proper service and maintenance had been performed, if the costs involved in the repair of the elevator or escalator were in-line with industry standards.

Industrial Accidents

When evaluating why an accident occurs, our experts can determine what sequence of events led up to the accident, were the equipment’s safety guards in place, were safety instructions followed or was there a design defect in the safety system that was responsible for this accident.

Landscape Architecture/Arborist

Our experts can assist on a wide-range of foliage issues from tree root damage to broken tree limbs, to identification of disease to plants and trees.


Experts examine evidence of metal/plastic failure down to a microscopic level to determine the cause of the failure by examining metal and metal properties, processing and use revealing if long-term cracking/damage or single-event failure was the major contributor.

Safety and Code Compliance

Our experts can assist on code compliance and safety issues at a construction site to determine what procedures should have been followed to prevent accidents.

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