Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical consultants at Garrett Forensics will conduct an in-depth analysis which can provide the critical link to understanding the relationship between personal injury and injury-producing events. Whether the events and injuries are minor or fatal, a rigorous biomechanical analysis is critical to demystifying the relationship between the events and the damage to the human body, including soft-tissue claims, broken bones and death. A biomechanical analysis can help when there are no witnesses or when witness testimony conflicts, or when the economic stakes are high.


Many types of incidents, including low-speed vehicle impacts; slips, trips and falls, result in injury claims that may or may not be attributable to the incident. In order to determine whether a claimed injury occurred as a result of a specific incident, Garrett’s biomechanical consultants can analyze the mechanism required to cause the injury traumatically and investigates whether that mechanism was present in the incident.


In general terms, biomechanics is the science of how the human body responds to applied external and internal forces. The experts at Garrett are able to examine specific injuries and use reverse engineering by applying knowledge of injury mechanisms to determine if the events reported are relative to the purported injuries.


Garrett Engineer’s wrongful death consultants can be called upon to provide an assessment based on an accident investigation and reconstruction as a means of determining the role of premises liability in the cause of death. The expert’s at Garrett will look at numerous types of wrongful death claims such automobile accidents, construction safety, fires, electrical and general contracting, transportation, industrial workplace settings, and other such professions.