Our experts possess unmatched experience, education and training in the fields of automotive and transportation forensics.    In addition to automobiles, our experts handle cases with Airplanes, Semi-Tractor/Trailers, Buses, Motorcycles, RVs’, Scooters, Bicycles, etc. Our experts conduct in-depth field investigations, and provide expert testimony in component failure analysis, fire origin and cause, and theft verification.  Our experts can help with the determination on potential subrogation issues.

Component Failure

Our experts evaluate claims of auto component failure related to brakes & braking systems, suspensions, tires, accelerators, and other system components said to be the possible cause of an accident. The typical question is “Did the component break as a result of the accident, or did the component break, causing the accident?”

By examining the component systems of a vehicle, our experts will determine if the cause of failure were known failures (such as recalls), long-term wear-and-tear or a single event.

Fire Origin & Cause

Our experts will examine a litany of possible details to determine where a fire originated and if a fire occurred due to improper maintenance, improper repair (subrogation potential), improper design or a recalled item (subrogation potential), long-term wear-and-tear, or arson.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering is a branch of civil engineering that uses engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and vehicles on roadways. It focuses mainly on research for safe and efficient traffic flow, such as road geometry, sidewalks and crosswalks, cycling infrastructure, traffic signs, road surface markings and traffic lights. Typical traffic engineering cases involve traffic control device installations and modifications, including traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings. Traffic engineers also consider traffic safety by investigating locations with high crash rates, pedestrian involvement and developing countermeasures to reduce crashes.

Theft Verification

When you need to find out the truth about a theft claim our experts can help determine what the evidence shows. Was the vehicle really stolen or was it driven off with a key?  What would be needed to overcome the vehicles transponder anti-theft system?  Is there evidence of a forced entry or were the door locks, steering wheel lock or ignition cylinder attacked or defeated?

Event Data Recorder Downloads

Experts will collect and analyze data from Event Data Recorders (EDR) that are found in most vehicles. This vital information can provide both pre-crash data and post-crash data, which may help question to help answer many questions.  What speed was the vehicle going during the last few seconds before impact, were the brakes applied, what percentage of throttle was applied, were the occupants wearing seat belts, did the driver attempt any avoidance steering maneuvers?  Evidence regarding unwanted acceleration and struck while parked issues, as well as many other types of accidents can be resolved with the information stored in the Event Data Recorder(EDR).

Event Data Recorder Analysis

Data collected from an automotive Event Data Recorder (EDR) is one tool in understanding the sequence of events, component failures, crash dynamics and vehicle safety alerts before and after a crash. Analysts will examine data points that include speed, steering, braking, acceleration, seatbelt use, force of impact and whether airbags deployed among many other details about a triggering event.

Traffic Control – Devises and Signage

Our experts can help you determine what the codes and requirements are for road safety.

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