Garrett Engineers have provided expert forensic investigation services for over 46 years. We offer consulting expertise in many disciplines and pride ourselves on offering independent and objective engineering analysis that can be utilized to settle claims, disputes, or potential litigation requiring expert witness testimony.

Drawing on in-depth industry expertise, our team manages the needs of insurance companies, law firms, third party administrators, vehicle rental companies, State and Municipal Agencies, corporate entities, hotels and hospitality, and self-insured parties such as homeowners and small business owners.

Garrett Engineers’ also perform document reviews. When the original evidence is no longer available, but photographs, videos, repair orders, depositions, witness statements, and police reports are available to tell the story, we can reconstruct the accident and in our report, we will give you answers to such questions as, “What was the cause and origin of the incident?”, “What really happened?” and “Could an injury have occurred?”. We simplify complex issues so you can make wise decisions.

Our mission is to be one of the most innovative, trusted, and most relied upon forensic investigation company providing superior quality work for our clients. Our company combines its core expertise of consultation, investigation, and intelligence to deliver expert cause and origin reports. We have dozens of skilled experts to serve you individually or as a team. Garrett Engineers will go anywhere to investigate and tell you what REALLY HAPPENED!