We know exactly how to apply all the principles of investigation to the specific problem at hand.

Drawing on decades of in-depth, comprehensive, and professional expertise, our team of skilled professionals provide investigative resources and timely analysis needed by insurance companies, law firms, third party administrators, government agencies as well as self-insured corporate entities and individuals (i.e. homeowners and small business owners) to understand and prevail in their unique and often challenging matters.

Garrett Forensics is committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service in every matter we accept. Through the implementation of our new, cloud-based case management software, case critical information may be shared between our clients, our experts, and Garrett’s professional Case Managers in a very efficient and timely way. This new software offers critical case information in a real-time environment. This means clients can literally stay up to the minute with the progress of their matters and benefit receiving real-time updates from our experts and Case Managers.

Our mission at Garrett Forensics is to continue being one of the most innovative, trusted, and most relied upon expert referral companies providing superior expertise, producing quality and reliable work for our clients. Garrett’s experts will go anywhere to investigate, analyze and if needed testify as to what REALLY HAPPENED and WHY!