Garrett’s Professional Engineers and experts have provided forensic investigations and analysis for over 48 years. We have connected our clients with consultants in many disciplines and pride ourselves on offering independent and objective engineering analysis that can be utilized to settle claims, disputes, or potential litigation requiring expert witness testimony.

The forensic division of Garrett Engineers, Inc. offers forensic experts in a wide variety of fields. Whether you need a consultant, engineer, forensic investigator, or expert witness in fields as varied as accident reconstruction, building distress, fire investigations, civil engineering, event data recorder downloads & certified analysis, biomechanical forensics, slip/trip and falls, product liability issues, or structural damage issues, you can end your search here.

We specialize in providing experts in many more areas. When you need answers to complex multi-disciplinary questions, we provide a team of experts working in concert to find the information you need. Professionals in the legal and insurance industries count on our professional services in dealing with disputes and claims.

Garrett Forensics is one of the oldest Forensic Investigation firms in the nation. Our reputation of having highly qualified Professional Engineers and experts, outstanding customer service, and attention to detail has made us a leader in the forensic industry.

Whether your problem is simple, complex or somewhere in between, our experts can help. Call us for a free consultation at 1-562-997-3013 or email us at

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The brakes don’t work!

In freeway traffic, the insured was approaching a vehicle that was slowing in front of her, she reportedly applied the brakes but the vehicle would not stop! You can guess what happened next. Yes, a call to her insurance company.... Read Full case
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