Product liability investigations can be as broad and diverse as the products themselves, ranging from small hair dryers to heavy machinery. Our experts investigate, test, and consult about the products, code compliance, and their safety and reliability.   Our experts can help with the determination on potential subrogation issues.


Our experts can determine why a product failed by investigating if it was an improper design, or improper use of the equipment.  We will identify what part or component of the product caused the failure and why.

Component Failure

Our experts can determine the cause of the failure.  Was it an improper design? Was the component being used and maintained properly?

Fire Investigation

When a fire occurs, there are two primary points of investigation. What was the origination point and what caused the fire to start? When a possible source is identified, be it an electrical outlet, appliance, gas stove, or water heater, etc. Our experts can determine the origin and cause, as well as help identify any subrogation potential.

Machinery Safety

Our experts can determine the safety issues for the machinery in question by addressing equipment design, operation manual instructions, safety features, and the operation of the machinery to address safety concerns.

Workplace Incidents

Our experts can help determine the factors that led to the incident.

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