When investigating a potential premises liability, our experts conduct in-depth investigations to determine the how, why, when and where of the incident in question. From slip, trip & fall, to improper construction of stairs and handrails, all aspects of premise liability can be investigated and resolved.

Accident & Injury Investigation

Our experts can perform inspections to help determine the aspects of that environment that may have led to injury accidents at the site.

Biomechanical Analysis

When you need to determine if a specific injury was the result of an event/accident, our biomechanical consultants can analyze the stress and forces on the body part in question to determine if it were likely an injury would occur.

Safety and Code Compliance

Safety and code compliance issues can be researched to determine why an injury occurred and who would be responsible.

Slip, Trip & Falls

Utilizing tools such as the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer for testing dry and wet surfaces, our experts can determine the locations slip resistance and if the surface meets the standards to prevent slip and fall incidents.  Our experts also investigate code compliance for walkways, stairs, and curbing to help in determining why trip & fall incidents occurred.

Stairs & Railing Compliance

Our experts can determine code compliance with stairway rise and run regulations and handrail construction regulations to determine how they impacted personal injuries.

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