Evidence Storage

We safely, securely, and economically store evidence
for insurance companies and attorneys.

We have over 25 years of experience in the evidence storage business.  Typically we store tires, wheels, turbochargers, brake cylinders, ACM modules, failed electronic parts, chairs, tables, toilets, washing machines, water hoses, water heaters, fill valves, fire sprinklers, filters, and plumbing parts that are involved in property claims  and, for some, lawsuits.  All evidence is handled with the expectation that some day the evidence Chain of Custody will be closely examined in court.

Insurance: we are insured and we protect your evidence.  However, planes do fall out of the sky, and we live in an active seismic zone. If your evidence is worth more to you than it’s salvage value, then we need to buy a policy specific to the value of your evidence.  Call us and we will work with our insurance broker to secure the appropriate coverage.  The cost of the additional coverge will be passed on to you with no additional markup.

Hazardous Material Storage? No.

We do not store evidence containing, or contaminated, by biological, radioactive, and/or chemical hazards.  To put it simply, if a fireman would require a hazmat suit to get near your evidence, then we are not the appropriate storage facility.

This policy is to protect our employees, and the stored goods of our other customers.

Additionally, if we chose to spend the money necessary to design/build/buy the appropriate storage facilites to contain such hazards, that additional cost would be factored into the price structure for all our customers.  This is true regardless of the company.  Our opinion is that extraordinary costs should be paid by the cases that require such extraordinary precautions, and not by our regular customers who are engaged in the daily business of adjusting claims that do not involve hazmat level evidence.

Storage charges are billed quarterly in advance:

Small Items (i.e. Wheel Studs, Master Brake Cylinder, Toaster-Oven, Toilet Fill Valve, etc.): $25/Month

Medium Items (i.e. Tire/Wheel, Toilet, etc.): $35/Month

Large Items (i.e. Dryer, Range-Oven, Refrigerator,  Furnace, etc.): $50/Month

Over-Sized Items and Long Term Storage: As Individually Arranged.

Pickup/Delivery from Long Beach, CA.

The minimum delivery/pickup charge is $25.  This includes up to 10 miles – for the round trip and 1 hour – for the round trip.

Additional mileage; $1 per mile, additional time; $25 per hour in half hour increments. Mileage calculations will be as measured by Google maps from the Long Beach Airport Terminal.

FedEx and UPS deliveries-no charge for receiving.

Crating services are available through an outside vendor.