Slip, trip & fall

A slip/trip & fall investigation typically costs from $1,000-2,500.  See other types of investigations.

Answers the following questions:

  • Did the construction adhere to proper code requirements?
  • What was the likelihood of ice?
  • What is the coefficient of friction?

Sample expert profile

Pax Starksen, who is also our vice president of engineering is a registered mechanical engineer and has more than forty years engineering experience.   He has extensive forensic investigative and testimony experience.   His fields of expertise include pedestrian hazards, manufacturing techniques, and product safety issues.   His pedestrian hazard forensic experience includes slip and falls, trip and falls, automatic doors and gates, balcony and railing falls, ladder falls and failures, stairwell falls, bathtub falls, and garage door accidents as well as the appropriate building and safety code compliance issues. read more…