Residence distress

Inspection of a single-family residences or rental properties to determine the predominant cause of damage is generally from $1,000 to $2,000.  See other types of investigations.

Answers the following questions

  • Has the appropriate maintenance been done?
  • Does the building adhere to the required code standards?

Sample foundation investigation

“The missing foundation.”  The owners of a house in Southern California decided to strengthen their home to better survive “the next big one”. They called a local earthquake retrofit contractor for a price. One of the improvements they were looking for was to bolt the wooden house structure to the concrete foundation. read more…

Sample slab crack investigation

A home built in 1989 was offered for sale in 2009 and purchased by a young couple.   The house was on a relatively flat lot, approximately two feet above the street.   It was a single story, wood framed home and was stuccoed on a concrete slab-on-grade foundation.  Roof drainage was to the surrounding yards and planters which were located below the roof eaves.  The interior floors were carpeted and the interior walls had been freshly painted.   There were no significant wall cracks noted.  After the sale, but before moving in, the buyers decided to replace the old carpet with new.   When the carpet contractor pulled up the old carpet, many serious cracks in the concrete slab-on-grade floor were exposed. read more…

Sample retaining wall investigation

The insured had a slope failure behind his home.   Two retaining walls had collapsed and a water line was broken.   The client wished to know whether the walls failed first or whether the pipe failed first.  Our expert visited the insured’s site with the insured, his contractor, and our client. The property was a single level family dwelling, built on a steep slope with a rear timber deck. read more…