Geotechnical investigations

This involves the evaluations of a site, and typically costs from $1,500-2,500.  See other types of investigations.

Answers the following questions

  • Has the property experienced settlement or slippage?
  • What is the predominant cause of the damage?
  • Has seismic activity contributed to the damage?

Sample building crack investigation

The case of the month concerns a commercial two-story building with cracks in some of the exterior walls. We were called in to identify the structural damage, and to determine what was due to recent events, long-term conditions, construction defects or deficient maintenance.   This turned out to be a complex case with a lot at stake.   As the case developed, we assembled a team that included a structural engineer, a geotechnical engineer, and a PhD hydrogeologist to answer the question of “What really happened?” read more…

Sample fuel tank repair

The case of the month involves a fuel tank located in a petroleum distribution terminal in a very remote area.  The tank was 48 feet high and 65 feet in diameter, with a gross capacity of over 28 thousand barrels.  Normally it was filled with premium unleaded gasoline.  It was constructed by welding 5/16 inch thick, 8 feet wide by 24 feet long steel plates together, in 6 horizontal courses. The tank was over thirty years old and had seen its share of bad weather.  Corrosion and pitting were proportionate to the tank’s age.  The last typhoon it experienced damaged the tank, which required repairs. read more…