Environmental analysis

An environmental analysis costs range depending on the type of case, and may be a
ywhere between $2,500 and $25,000.  See other kinds of investigations.

Answers the following questions:mold

  • What is the air or site quality?
  • Were hazardous contaminants present?
  • How much would decontamination cost?

Sample environmental analysis

This environmental site assessor was asked to inspect the interior of a large home in an expensive residential tract inside one of the older incorporated cities within the County of Los Angeles.  The assignment was to perform an indoor air quality (IAQ) inspection for “unhealthy air” and determine why all of the family members of the client had “suddenly taken ill” for some strange reason inside the home.  The client was hoping to have GEI inspect their residence and issue a report stating that the visible mold inside the residence, from an obvious roof leak, was causing the allergic reactions and subsequent illnesses of the family members. read more…