Vehicle investigations

A vehicle inspection or accident reconstruction typically costs from $800-1,500.  See other types of investigations.

Answers the following questions

  • Accident reconstruction
    • Determine injury likelihood from speed and g-forces
    • Who had right of way?
  • Vehicle inspection
    • What components failed?
    • Were the quality of repairs low?
    • What defects may have contributed?
    • What do the tires indicate?
  • Theft and fire
    • Was a fire deliberately set?
    • Do the locks indicate forced entry?

Example accident investigation

The case of the month involves a four-vehicle series of impacts that occurred on a freeway before sunrise. The first vehicle, a Ford F150, stalled. It displayed no vehicle or hazard warning lights. The second driver in a Camry failed to see the Ford quickly enough and rear-ended it in the darkness. Our client’s son was driving his dad’s Mercedes-Benz, and he, too, failed to slow for the stopped vehicles, neither of which displayed any lighting. At the last moment when he did see them, he swerved to the left in an effort to avoid them and, in so doing, crossed into the path of an overtaking fourth vehicle, a Chevrolet Tahoe. The Chevrolet then struck the Mercedes-Benz.  read more…