Charles Sargent

Jul 1, 2015 by

Mr. Sargent has over 30 years of experience covering medical device design and manufacturing, research and development for human testing, and FDA compliance testing and redesign for improvement. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University at Long Beach and specialized in Biomedical Engineering. His expertise covers over 70 medical device implementations as Biomedical Science Advisor and Technical Director in hospital environments requiring personal designs, redesigns, and improvements for research and development cardiopulmonary test apparatus, exercise and metabolic studies, pulmonary challenge testing and a state-of-the-art sleep study laboratory for SIDS. Mr. Sargent also developed a portable cart system for bedside physiological recordings including video and computerized data reporting. In the medical device arena, he installed and serviced similar systems nationwide for 15 years and consulted with local medical device companies regarding compliance testing for FDA approval. Failure analysis issues were always documented throughout his career and he was recognized a major corporation for significantly documenting perfect Non Conformance Reports while performing investigations as a manufacturing electrical engineer and a special trouble shooter. He analyzes and solves science, medical, and application problems in an efficient and effective manner.