Winter Music

Dec 17, 2012 by

By Elaine Wright

Music is so magical in producing sounds that paint pictures for the ear. Different instruments, rhythms, paces and intensities present innumerable variations.  You can hear seasons, places, events, feelings, and stories in musical interpretations.  Choreographers hear motions; some passages point to leaps and others call for turns.

Winter sound has a quietly tinkling element, as if you can hear the icicles sparkle. Muffled by cold and balancing with the roar of storms, silence is its own music, like a pause before the crescendo (whistling winds, thunder rolls, downpours of percussion.)

Some forms of winter musical celebration have a fun side, with humor and revelry, and others have a reverent side, with awe and majesty. This is where a cappella comes in.

The human voice is the ultimate musical instrument, and can be implemented anywhere without any kind of equipment, from opera arias to sea shanties. A cappella is a common winter sound with carolers and choirs, one more invigorating and one more soulful, but both are joyously stirring.

May you enjoy your winter music as broadly as possible! It comes from within nearly everything, if you have moments to “see” it with your ears. This includes glorious birdsong, falling leaves, footsteps in snow, slipping branch ice, party horns, jingle bells, traffic driving through rain puddles, even dish ware clattering, conversations buzzing, fireplaces crackling, wrappings tearing and wadding, exclaims of delight and display, glasses clinking, and the whole underlying busy-ness and laughter of many gatherings. These sounds of anticipation, routine,  joy, and comfort, fall into rhythms of a musical nature.

The song is also in the silence of hugs, eye-twinkles, bright smiles, handclasps, gifts, fireplace warmth, contented pets, and universal goodwill.  May your concerts be bright.

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