If we ever have coffee…

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From Jon Acuff’s blog

If we ever have coffee, please expect this to happen.


November 16, 2012 in Social Media

From here on out, if you and I have coffee or dinner or lunch or a spirited game of racquetball, do you know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to tell you how fun it was. Right to your face. Live, right there in the moment, as we wrap up our coffee or lunch or racquetball, I’m going to say “thank you.”

Then I’m going to leave.

Know what I’m not going to do?

Tweet, “Just had an amazing lunch with @__________.”

Why won’t I tweet that?

Because, usually, my motives are ridiculous. I’m trying to impress people that I had lunch with you. Or I’m trying to let people know, “Hey, I get out. I drink coffee that is pumpkin spice sometimes. I do things. Look at me!” (Even after writing this post, I am still doing this nonsense.)

But, instead of admitting that, I pretend I tweeted everyone who follows me so I could show you how grateful I am to hang out with you.

But I can really show that gratefulness right to your face. Like humans did since the dawn of time until about 6 years ago.

If I don’t tweet about our meeting, it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s because I like you so much I told you thank you to your face. Or as you might call it, “your real retina display.”

The only exception will be if something funny happens while we’re having lunch. If something comical comes from our lunch, something the rest of the world would enjoy knowing about, then awesome. I’ll tweet that. I like to chuckle. So do other people.

This will save you and I from having the silly conversation I had with my wife the other day. After having dinner with a friend, I asked her, “Is it bad etiquette if I don’t compliment him and that dinner on Twitter now? Is that like Emily Post 2.0?”

My wife looked at me and said, “Did you tell him thanks when he was here for dinner? If yes, then stop it. You’re being silly.”

So I’m stopping it.

And I look forward to telling you how awesome you are at racquetball right to your face.

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