Phillip A. Odom

Sep 7, 2012 by

Mr. Odom began his law enforcement career with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1984. He worked both jails and patrol before transferring to the San Bernardino Sheriff department, and in 1997 transferred to the Colorado River Station.  His duties while there included Station FTO, Boating Accident Investigation Team Supervisor, Major Accident Investigation Team, Field Supervisor, Active Watch commander, Intelligence Liaison and Station Detective.  He additionally acquired experience in “rigging” new boats by installing outboard motors, gauges, drive units for inboard and outboard motors, steering cables and batteries to blank hulls.  He participated in numerous slide to stop tests and drag sled tests.  He has taken several boating accident reconstruction courses and has a background as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor.  He managed alcohol correlation studies and instructed boating accident reconstruction for the State of California.  His investigations include reconstruction of boating collisions, vessel dynamics analysis, evaluation of vessel, human and environmental factors, determination of liability and violation of applicable laws, training in vessel collisions and providing expert testimony.

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