Fishing Vacation in the Eastern Sierras

Jul 4, 2012 by

Submitted by Wayne Taylor

The drive to your favorite fishing spot in the Eastern Sierras is a great part of the vacation experience.  Driving to Bishop, CA through the desert, with a stop in Randsburg and Johannesburg, can be very educational.  These towns are examples of early mining for gold and silver in California in the early gold rush days.

The next stop is the town of Independence, then Lone Pine.  Lone Pine was used as a location for many westerns, and both towns exist during the early quest for water and mineral rights.  They now have fisheries, cattle ranches, a courthouse and a high school.

Moving into Bishop, a well-stocked town with supermarkets, restaurants, fishing tackle shops, bars, hotels, and a variety of small stores….and Mule Days once a year during the Memorial Day holiday.

Now on to Mammoth for breakfast or lunch at the Breakfast Club and to purchase any fishing gear at the Trout Fitter.  Selecting a camp spot can be lots of fun.  Most campgrounds do not have showers – so select a spot with available shade and is close to the water!  The Eastern Sierras offer many great fishing spots like Hot Creek, upper and lower Owens River, and lakes like June, Silver, Gull, Convict, and many, many more.  Fish as many as possible!

For those who have a larger budget, the Double Eagle Resort in June Lake offers a spa and restaurant amongst the cabins, and is VERY nice.  It also has its own “catch and release” trout pond for guests.  You will return home rested and with many great memories.

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