Bixby Knolls car show

Jul 10, 2012 by

Submitted by Elaine Wright

Thoughout our Southern California basin, one city runs into another from the ocean to the mountains to the deserts to the skyscrapers, with nonstop diversity in every local community – each one’s own history & culture, food & attire, celebrations & events. One could be “locked” in Southern California for years & never run out of new things to do or see. It is wondrous.

One such local event is the Annual Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo & Car Show.  Now, I was never particularly a car enthusiast, but some colors, designs, or sound stand out for me.  My brother & his pals had lots of laughs (& still do) over my unfamiliarity with engine matters, & even some design issues-once I asked a funny-car racer where the door handle was when he told me to “hop in” for a demo. How do you get in without a door handle????  (He meant literally to hop in.) But as I always say, you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the show.

There is so much going on besides the cars themselves. Huge flames shoot out the back of the dragsters, & you can hear them wind up for blocks. There are old-time cars, some familiar to me as not-so-old, & I was horrified when my daughter used to point out “olden-time cars” that I used to ride in, & later drove. But it’s like seeing old friends, visiting not a place but a time. It is exhiliarating. There are vendors with food, cool drinks, ads, clothing, hats, all the community street-fair fare. Stores are open with special sales, & meeting neighbors.

A small boy drives his own miniature car in the foot traffic, carefully supervised by his walking dad. There is every kind of sun fashion you can imagine. There are bicycles tied together around a tree, large trailers everywhere, space-looking vehicles, water vehicles. There is music all around, mostly live bands. There are family & friends groups, couples, pet-walkers, car professionals, serious fans, drivers, owners, collectors, news media, but everyone talking freely with everyone else. It’s just a wholesome neighborly uplifting adventure.

It’s all in a day right here on our block in Long Beach CA this Saturday, July 14.

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