The memoirs of Jane Austen

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Submitted by Phil Healy

“The Memoirs of Jane Austen” by Syrie James
I have been a Jane Austen fan for about ten years. I have read all of her books, as well as those associated with her writings. I have also seen all the movies that have stemmed from her books. It just goes to show I am very interested in the woman behind the book, so when I found out that Syrie James wrote a book, ” The Memoirs of Jane Austen”, it was on my must read list.

I bought the book and immediately started reading it. The editor’s foreword explains that Jane Austen’s personal memoirs were found in the Chawton Manor House, when some workman were hired to repair the roof of the manor. The editor states, “I have made such corrections as I thought necessary (while maintaining most period and alternative spellings), to ensure a smooth and fluent reading experience by a modern audience, but for the most part, this is the memoir exactly as Jane Austen wrote it”. I am excited to read this book, as it gives me insight on the mind of Jane Austen.

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