Temporary Auto Repair

Jun 15, 2012 by

Submitted by Tom Wright

Quite a few years ago I was working in a gas station in Arkansas. A customer drove up next to the gas pumps and I went out to greet him and asked the familiar question” Fill ‘er up sir?” He smiled and asked if we could perform a minor task for him to the engine in his vehicle. He needed a set of points replaced in the distributor for his cars’ engine. I answered and said I will look up your car in the manual and see if we have a set in stock. We did not and it was Sunday. He asked if we could look at the point set in the distributor and I gladly replied “Yes”.

He informed me that his car broke down in Memphis and some good ole boy mechanic gave him a temporary fix. I examined the points and found that small part of the set had been wired back together with a very small wire similar to a paper clip or smaller. I examined it closely and thought “What a great mind the person who did this temporary repair must have.” I could not help, but told him where he might find a set of points. He asked how long I thought the points might last in the present condition. I replied “Well, if you made it from Memphis with no trouble, you are probably good for at least another hour or so” He smiled and drove off. Math calculations told me later that this temporary set of points opened and closed over 2,160,000 times in the two hours that he had driven.

Never doubt temporary.

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