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This is from the Box of Crayons blog  (link)

“Let me suggest three things you can do right now that will help you make 2012 more productive, more fun, more filled with Great Work and a little less exhausting.

1. Define your Great Work Project

  • If you put David Allen, Tom Peters and Google’s Modus Operandi into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously you get this insight:
    • Projectize Everything.
  • Projects have a start date and an end date and feedback on succeed/fail.
  • Your job description on the other hand keeps on rolling forever, even in the event of your death. This is why there’s no escape ever from too much Good Work.
  • If you could focus on just one project now that would be your Great Work Project, what would it be?
  • And do that.
  • (This is what allowed me to create End Malaria. The buying of which is a bonus act you might consider. $20 from every book goes to Malaria No More.)
  • You find the time for your Great Work Project by taking…

2. A radical new approach to meetings

  • Cut the bottom 10% of your meetings. Ask them to send you the minutes. Or just ask them to take you off the list.
  • Cut the time of the meeting you schedule by 50%.
  • Make the default time of a meeting 15 minutes.
  • Read Al Pittampalli‘s treatise Read This Before Our Next Meeting
  • The other way you find time to do your Great Work Project is to…

3. Embrace Adequate as your default standard

  • I wanted straight A’s when I went to school. (I didn’t get them – thanks “Latin” – but I tried hard.)
  • And now we’re all trying to do the same at work.
  • But it’s a waste of your time, energy and focus – you might call all that your one and precious life – to keep trying to do everything excellently. Not to mention impossible
  • Decide to deliver a few things at a jaw-droppingly, mind-bogglingly, awesome-inspiring standard of Excellent.
  • And figure out what adequate (which means “good enough” so it will be good enough!) is for everything else you do.”

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