Be quick

Aug 1, 2007 by

We received a mid-week assignment by telephone to investigate a vehicular brake failure. A heavy duty, four door pickup truck with a lift kit and extra large tires, rear-ended a car at the bottom of a freeway exit ramp (apparently with very little damage to the truck). It was owned by a used car company and a prospective buyer was concluding a test drive (!). The driver was unable to stop the truck in time at the bottom of the ramp before striking the next car.

Brake failure was the reason he gave for the accident. The dealer sold the truck that Saturday. We told them that we could still inspect the vehicle, but they were unwilling to call the buyer and tell them, “A previous prospective buyer of your shiny new truck rear-ended another car earlier this week and claimed brake failure-we just want to make sure that your truck is safe”.

I guess I understand why-but the next few times I’m stopped at the bottom of the off ramp, I’m watching the rear view mirror for a big four door pickup approaching fast.

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