Paul Whiting

Nov 22, 2000 by

Mr. Whiting is a member of the National Association of Accident Reconstructionists with more than thirty years experience in the field beginning with the California Highway Patrol where he was an investigator on a Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T.).   His training includes Aircraft Crash Investigation at the University of Southern California, Traffic Accident Reconstruction II at Northwestern University, Advanced Accident Reconstruction at the California Highway Patrol Academy, and Tire and Wheel Forensics at the University of Northern Florida.   He is an expert in speed analysis, low-speed collision force analysis, g-forces, occupant kinematics, hydroplaning, human perception and reaction evaluation, vehicle momentum in collision systems, vehicle collision time and distance analysis, tire and wheel failure analysis, seat belt failure and use analysis, lamp filament analysis for on/off, and AutoCAD scene and evidence mapping.   He is also a Bosch Certified Event Data Recorder Technician.

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