Kerry Knapp, PhD

Nov 14, 2000 by

Dr. Knapp holds two master’s degrees (one in biomechanics) and has received his PhD in Forensic Biomechanics from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. His coursework covered human anatomy, trauma pathology, injury causation, human tissue tolerances, and related computer modeling.

He has a strong educational and experience-based background in the physical sciences, engineering, computer modeling, and analytical techniques.   Recent studies and research in human functional anatomy, physiology, human neuroscience, and human biomechanics form the basis for current work in injury biomechanics.

Over his career he has handled more than seven hundred and fifty cases, including motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents, slip/trip/fall injuries, falls from heights, industrial accidents, wrongful death, shootings, and beatings.   His expert witness work includes clients such as the U.S. Department of Justice and the State of Arizona.